BMGT381 Business Law II 3 Credits BMGT381 – Exclusive Course Details

BMGT381 Course Introduction

3 credit(s)
Course Description Course Content Topics covered are: The Legal Framework for Business and Corporate Law; Contract Law, Tort Law, and Criminal Law; Restatement of Contracts; Comparative Law; Negotiable Instruments, Trusts, Torts and Crimes; Contracts (Excluding Sale of Goods); Sales of Goods Act (SOGA); Partnership Act, Corporations Act, and Securities Act. (BMGT381) 3 credit(s)

Course Description Course Content Topics covered are: Business Organization

BMGT381 Course Description

Business Law II: Legal and Ethical Issues (3 Credits) This course focuses on business organizations, contracts, torts, and criminal law. In addition to the two core courses, this course also includes a self-study project. This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop greater understanding of business-related issues in order to prepare them for future professional endeavors. Prerequisites: BMGT382 Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes for BMGT381 Course Description for BMGT381 Business Management

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The University of Tulsa (Tulsa, OK)

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Course Outline

BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits)

Offered by The University of Tulsa

This course will apply principles and theories of business law to the operation of various types of businesses. A firm consists of two or more persons engaged in a trade, business or profession. It also includes all institutions that furnish facilities for the

BMGT381 Course Outline

Syllabus Class Meetings: Monday 8:30-9:50am & Wednesday 11:00-12:20pm Last Class Date: Thursday 1/18/2017 Exam Date(s): Tuesday 1/23/2017 & Wednesday 1/24/2017 The purpose of this course is to provide students with a strong background in business law. This will be accomplished through the analysis of key legal problems as they relate to business transactions and decision making. It is

BMGT381 Course Objectives

Business Law II (3 Credits) is a course for the BMGT381 course of study. It provides students with knowledge and skills that enable them to understand the legal context of business, and apply the law to real business situations. Students are able to comprehend the legal issues arising from particular business activities. You can access our online textbooks through this link: For more information on how to use Moodle, click here: https://moodle

BMGT381 Course Pre-requisites

This course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the complexities of business law and how it applies to your professional life. To do this, we will examine legal concepts and principles in a business setting, explore the nature of business transactions, discuss critical issues facing small business owners in today’s environment and learn about real-world examples that illustrate how legal concepts apply. In this course, students will read through case law, conduct research and write clear, concise legal analysis to defend their decisions. Required Text:

BMGT381 Course Duration & Credits

Course Description: This course is an introduction to the law that governs business organizations, including their formation and dissolution, ownership, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. Students will explore the differences between contracts and torts and understand how these concepts may affect business relationships. Students will be introduced to concepts of contract law (including agency, restrictive covenants), tort law (including negligence), and corporate governance. Emphasis will be placed on the ethical and legal principles that apply to business organization. Special

BMGT381 Course Learning Outcomes

Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381)

Describe the legal and ethical considerations in business operations. Explain the differences between a corporation, a partnership and sole proprietorship. Identify and explain the factors used to determine whether an entity is a “good” or “bad” corporate citizen. Describe and discuss how entrepreneurs use contracts and formal agreements to manage their businesses.

Describe the roles of local government, federal government, foreign governments, private corporations, nonprofit organizations, labor unions, communities of interest groups

BMGT381 Course Assessment & Grading Criteria

– Spring 2020

All information, specifications, requirements, and/or policies pertaining to this course are subject to change without notice.

Course Description

This course is designed for students in their junior or senior year with substantial business background who need to learn the basics of Business Law. The goal is to help students develop a sound understanding of the basic principles of Business Law and the essential tools necessary to navigate today’s complex business environment. In addition, this course helps students develop a practical sense of how law

BMGT381 Course Fact Sheet

Course Faculty: Patrick D. Smith, Ph.D., CPA / CMA University: William Paterson University of New Jersey Course Description

BUSINESS LAW 101 & 102 COURSE SYLLABUS Section 1: Legal Environment of Business A. Introduction to Legal Environment of Business (3 units) – This course introduces students to the American legal system.

National College Catalog 2015-16 Upper Division Business Administration BBA General Information The Bachelor of Business Administration degree program at National College prepares students

BMGT381 Course Delivery Modes

Course Delivery Modes for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381) Online

Tuition and Fees Institution: University of Ottawa Tuition and Fees Institution: University of Ottawa Location: Downtown Campus Other courses you might be interested in BMGT341 Introduction to Business Law I (3 Credits)

(3 Credits) BMGT342 Introduction to Business Law II (3 Credits)

(3 Credits) BMGT423 Advanced Corporate Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions (3 Credits)


BMGT381 Course Faculty Qualifications

Learning Outcomes: 1. Knowledge and understanding of how laws are created and enforced in the United States, including property rights, tort law, contract law, criminal law, and constitutional law. 2. Knowledge and understanding of how legal rules of evidence are applied in civil and criminal proceedings, and how the concept of fault is used to determine liability for an act or omission. 3. Knowledge and understanding of how property ownership is maintained by lenders, title insurance companies, tax assessors, survey

BMGT381 Course Syllabus

Professor: Thomas S. Hughes

Course Description: Course Overview This course will focus on the elements of business law that are vital to all business organizations. We will examine the principles and theories of contracts, torts, agency, and the state corporation laws. We will also study the primary sources of commercial law such as the Uniform Commercial Code, Florida Statutes Chapter 501 and other local laws affecting businesses in Florida. The course is designed to provide a basic understanding of how our legal system operates and to

Suggested BMGT381 Course Resources/Books

This is a required course for students who have completed BMGT381 Business Law I. It will build upon the concepts, theories and skills learned in the introductory level of the course, and help you to achieve greater depth and understanding in business law issues. Class is held on Mondays from 8:00 am – 9:20 am in room 1065, McKnight Hall. Dr. Pauline Zupp is the instructor.

BMGT421 Integrated Marketing Communications (3 Credits) (BMGT

BMGT381 Course Practicum Journal

(Open to Degree Applic

Suggested BMGT381 Course Resources (Websites, Books, Journal Articles, etc.)

Final Exam Review Guide (Websites, Books, Journal Articles, etc.) for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381)

BMGT381 Course Project Proposal

Course Project Proposal for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381) Organizational Structure of a Company: Operations Management Report A1 (10 Marks) Organizational Structure of a Company: Operations Management Report A1 (10 Marks) Marketing Manager

Chapter 16. The Challenges of Leadership in the Workplace

Chapter 17. Planning and Managing Production and Operations in the Supply Chain

Chapter 18. Global Economics, Trade and International Organizations: An Introduction to International Finance


BMGT381 Course Practicum

(3 Credits) This course practice provides practical experience to the students. The practicum will provide the opportunity for students to practice critical thinking, writing and analysis skills in real life business situations. It is a valuable opportunity to apply knowledge and theories learned in classes to real-life business situations. Students are required to complete at least 10 hours of field work per week in connection with this course practicum. It is strongly recommended that students take one of these courses: BMGT365 or BMGT366 Field

Related BMGT381 Courses

Pre-Req: (BMGT301 or BMGT300) or (BMGT379 and BMGT375) 3 Credits

This course examines the tools, tactics, and techniques of marketing. Students will consider and analyze strategies that achieve organizational objectives. This includes how to define, develop, implement, manage, and assess marketing strategies.

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Midterm Exam

Fall 2014

Course Description:

Examines legal issues, principles, and concepts in business environment. Covers: Contract Law, Constitutional Law, International Business Transactions, Consumer Protection, Advertising Regulation, Banking Law, Bankruptcy Law and Probate Law.


BMGT331 or BMGT441 or BMGT421



Other Information:

Prerequisite: BMGT331 or BMGT441 or BMGT421.

Course Schedule for Course: Course Information for Spring 2015 (

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(Jun 24 – Aug 9)

Instructor: Saeid Kiani

This course is an introduction to business law. The course will provide a foundation for understanding the legal issues that arise in business transactions, including contract law, torts, corporate governance, employment law and intellectual property. In addition to providing an overview of the subject matter, the course will discuss real-world case studies and provide students with opportunities to apply their knowledge to relevant industry contexts.

The course is intended for students with

What Should Students Expect to Be Tested from BMGT381 Midterm Exam

– Fall 2017

3 CR. This course will deal with the issues and principles that confront business managers. It will deal with how firms should make decisions and run their businesses. It will examine how various legal systems give rise to different business cultures. Most of this course will cover the economic, international, and comparative aspects of business law. Students should take this course with a background in economics.

Interdisciplinary Exploration of Information Systems (INTOIS) (3 Credits) (INTOIS)

How to Prepare for BMGT381 Midterm Exam

at University of San Francisco (USF) in the Fall 2019 Semester. This course is part of the CUNY Graduate School of Business Studies Bachelor of Science in Management Program.

1. Read carefully the lecture outline. 2. This exam will consist of two parts: a theoretical (multiple choice) and practical (short answer) part, which will be closed-book and proctored during final exams. You may use printed or computer materials only for reference or to take notes during the

Midterm Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Bing

at Walden University. This Exam was generated on 8/25/2017.

Question: Cite examples from the case law of the past five years that illustrate why early intervention and intervention as soon as possible is the most effective form of intervention. How should this be done? Why should this be done?

2-20 — Tenure for selected teachers (by state) for the 2014-15 school year.

A new provision in our district requires each department to have a system for

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from the University of Cincinnati College of Business. 1.) The following audit evidence was provided by the auditor. a) Draft financial statements for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012 b) Audit reports on the financial statements for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012 c) A letter from an insurance company notifying that it has cancelled its policy d) A copy of the audit firm’s final work papers with any supporting documentation to support the work papers in preparation for completion of

Final Exam

Date: 2016-10-11,

Time: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Instructor: James O’Quinn (

Exam is in the class room.

Exam is in the class room.

Exam is in the class room.

Note that you must be registered for this course to take it. You can register for this course through UWaterloo Online Learning, at

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Course Details

Course Code: BMGT381 Course Title: Business Law II (3 Credits) Term: Fall Semester Credit Hours: 3 Delivery Mode: Hybrid (Online & Face-to-Face) Instructor: Ngo, Thanh Tu Tuition Fee: 10000 Tuition Fee [Non-Tuition] Charge for Non-Tuition Fee [Non-Tuition] Charge for Non-Tuition Fee [Tuition] Instructional Methods: In Person Total Lecture Hours per Week: 3.5

What Should Students Expect to Be Tested from BMGT381 Final Exam

Fall 2019

Covid-19 Info:

Business Law Canceled for Spring 2021

How to Prepare for BMGT381 Final Exam

( 1.0 / 5) 1 votes (1 votes) Please wait… Thanks for your vote. General Instructions: When submitting your exam, please make sure you use the dropbox link provided to access the exams. You must use this dropbox link to submit your exam. In order for us to grade your exam you will need to submit the tests via our website or email and be able to upload a PDF of your test in order for it to be graded.

Only one submission

Final Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Bing

1. There is a dispute between two parties in a lawsuit. The plaintiff filed suit to recover damages for breach of contract. The defendant sent a letter stating that it does not have the necessary funds to pay for the plaintiff’s damages and was requesting that the plaintiff pay all or part of the amount due within 30 days, or a default judgment would be entered against it. The defendant has provided an offer to settle the dispute by paying all or part of the amount due in exchange for the agreement

Final Exam Questions Generated from Top 100 Pages on Google

Entire Course (24 Total Questions)

1.) A manager is evaluating a business’s competitiveness and profitability in relation to the industry in which it operates. Which of the following statements best describes how this evaluation should be performed?

2.) An entity that does not comply with the law is subject to legal consequences.

3.) If a company has a manufacturing plant located outside of its home country, the company must report any income or expense related to such plant.

4.) If a person is “entitled” to

Week by Week Course Overview

BMGT381 Week 1 Description

Instructors: Jennifer L. Demeritt; David E. Redlich, P.E., Ph.D.; David W. Rosebush, CFE This course is a one-credit, experiential course that will challenge students to analyze cases and legal issues as they relate to business enterprises. Students will apply their knowledge of basic business ethics and related legal principles in the context of various types of business organizations and how laws affect these organizations. The first week of the course consists of a discussion of

BMGT381 Week 1 Outline

Week 1 Outline for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381) Week 1 Notes

RCA Radio Service Center The following items must be supplied to the RCA Radio Service Center before the first service call will be performed: • First Name • Last Name • Telephone Number • Address • Send us a

Case analysis from “The Many Faces of Hate” course 21.01 and 21.02 (3 points total)

BMGT381 Week 1 Objectives

Due: Week 4 and worth 210 points (See attached file)

Organize and explain the duties of a business owner, including how they relate to the law.

Determine an employer’s rights in the workplace and establish rules regarding employees.

Explain legal principles that can affect business decisions.

Outline a business plan for a new or existing business. BMGT381 Week 2 Case Study for Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381) Due: Week 8 and worth 250

BMGT381 Week 1 Pre-requisites

– University of Phoenix

Chapter 1: Chapter Preview

Chapter 2: Chapter Preview

Chapter 3: Chapter Preview

Chapter 4: Chapter Preview

© Copyright CourseMerit. All rights reserved.

BMGT381 Week 1 Duration

Duration for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381) This is a discussion on Duration for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381). Please feel free to leave your questions, comments and suggestions about this file in the box below. Thus, the transaction is not completed until either the creditor has been paid or the debt has been satisfied.  Week 1 Assignment: Corporate Social Responsibility Read Chapter 1 of the book and answer the following questions

BMGT381 Week 1 Learning Outcomes

Week 1Individual Assignment Business Law II (3 Points) (BMGT381) Individual Assignment: Business Law II (3 points) You are required to submit an individual assignment […]

BUS500 Week 2 Discussion Question 1 BUS500 Week 2 Discussion Question 1BUS500 Week 2 Discussion Question 1 .You work for a retailer that carries all of the following product categories: • Men’s and women’s apparel and accessories • Shoes, bags, hats, and luggage • Women’s clothing

BMGT381 Week 1 Assessment & Grading

– Online Course

Instructor: Lan Nguyen

The course is designed to help you understand the basics of business law. Topics that are covered include contract law, torts, property, contracts, business organization and other areas. This course emphasizes the importance of understanding how to apply basic business law to current issues such as ethics and business transactions.

Click here for more info or to register:

BMGT381 Week 1 Suggested Resources/Books

Business Law II (BMGT381) 3 creditsFall, 2012WebAssign Course Overview: This course provides an introduction to the unique legal issues that arise in business transactions. More specifically, this course focuses on the relationship between business laws and contract law. In addition, this course will also cover how the rules of corporate law regulate businesses and the role played by government entities in regulating these businesses. Additionally, this course will also cover how corporations are formed, who can own a corporation, and

BMGT381 Week 1 Assignment (20 Questions)

For more classes visit BMGT 381 Week 1 Assignment (20 Questions) for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) Complete the following task in the order listed: If you are purchasing a shared hosting account, there is a service fee charged by your provider. The service fee and/or any other fees associated with this homework assignment can be billed to your project. Identify the service fee and/or any other fees associated with this assignment using the Service Fee Matrix on

BMGT381 Week 1 Assignment Question (20 Questions)

The following questions address the topics: (1) Business Entities, (2) Partnerships, and (3) Corporations. Answer each question using complete sentences with sufficient detail to support your response. Support your answers with examples and/or scholarly references from the textbook, course materials, and/or other reliable sources. Include a minimum of three references in APA format.

Business entities are created when two or more persons create a business entity by combining their legal rights and duties under one name.

A partnership is formed

BMGT381 Week 1 Discussion 1 (20 Questions)

WEEK 1 Discussion 1 For this discussion, review the How to Write an Effective Discussion Forum posting rubric. If you feel that your post does not meet the rubric’s expectations, please respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts with specific feedback and support, as well as restate your own views on the topic under discussion. Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts by tomorrow night (12/11/2015) at 11:59pm.

BMGT381 Week 1 DQ 1 (20 Questions)

. $1.00 Add to cart; 2000/2014 Macroeconomics (ECO381) for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381) . $1.00 Add to cart; Business Law – PowerPoint Presentation …

Microsoft PowerPoint – Contracts and other legal documents.docx Author: Grace Last modified by: Grace Created Date: 9/15/2008 10:55:00 AM Company: Franklin Public Schools Other titles: Microsoft PowerPoint –

BMGT381 Week 1 Discussion 2 (20 Questions)

week 1 discussion 2 (20 questions) for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 credits) (bmgt381) week 1 discussion 2 (20 questions). Resource: Lindstrom, Kreitzer, and Beuchert, Business Law, 4th edition. Our Online Test Bank is not just a collection of multiple choice questions. Learn bmgt381 chapter 1 with free interactive flashcards. BUSINESS LAW BY PETER VAN DEN BERGHE AND TOMMY LINDST

BMGT381 Week 1 DQ 2 (20 Questions)

For more classes visit 1. In what ways can noncompetition agreements be used in contract law? (10 Points)2. What are the circumstances in which a contract may be voided? (10 Points)3. Does a company have the right to enforce its own copyrights and trademarks in contracts? (10 points)4. What is a restraint of trade? What types of agreements are restrained, and why do companies use these kinds of agreements? (15 points

BMGT381 Week 1 Quiz (20 Questions)

Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. This is a discussion forum for the course BMGT381 – Business Law II on University of Phoenix. The leading provider of online degrees, the University of Phoenix offers flexible scheduling options that meet your needs. To complete BMGT381 Week 1 Quiz (20 Questions) to complete all homework assignments listed in the course outline click on link below:. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. DUE: At start of class WEEK 1 QUI

BMGT381 Week 1 MCQ’s (20 Multiple Choice Questions)

at Kaplan University, Florida

View Course: View All Courses

View Profile: Kaplan University, Florida

View all courses by Kaplan University, Florida

BMGT381 Week 2 Description

Read “Business Law II” before enrolling in this course. (BMGT381)In Business Law II, you will continue to develop your critical thinking skills and the ability to apply your knowledge of legal issues to realistic business situations. This course will enhance your ability to understand the impact of laws on business operations. This is a practical approach to legal principles and concepts in an economic environment that is focused on what is fair, responsible, and ethical. You will be able to identify, analyze, interpret

BMGT381 Week 2 Outline

For more course tutorials visit Tutorial Purchased: 1 Times, Rating: A+ BMGT381 Week 1 Business Law Overview of the Course (3 Credits) (BMGT381) For more course tutorials visit Tutorial Purchased: 2 Times, Rating: A+ BMGT381 Week 1 Outline for BMGT381 Business Law I (3 Credits) (BMGT381) For more course tutorials visit Tutorial Purch

BMGT381 Week 2 Objectives

To provide students with an understanding of the key principles of business transactions, the legal forms and responsibilities for contracts, and the formation and interpretation of contracts. (3 Credits)BMGT381 Week 2 Realistic Scenario Assignment (5 Credits) (BMGT381) In this assignment, you will analyze a realistic business transaction to determine how it is managed and controlled. You will do this by using a real transaction from your own organization as the context for your analysis. You will then apply these principles to

BMGT381 Week 2 Pre-requisites

from Addison Wesley

BUAD 600 Week 3 Assignment Contract Formation and Management (CHM) from University of Phoenix

BUSN 307 Week 2 Individual Assignment Internationalization Process Paper (3 – 5 Pages) (CORP706) from Corparate Tutor

BUSN 307 Week 1 Assignment US Business Environment Paper (2 Pages) (CORP706) from Corparate Tutor

BUSN 307 Week 3 Assignment Global Business Conditions Paper (2 Pages) (CORP

BMGT381 Week 2 Duration

After you have earned 18 credits, you can transfer to a 4-year institution with the intent to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree or continue your education and receive a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The BBA is a four year program. If you choose to pursue the BBA degree, you will be awarded 30 credits as outlined by the following schedule: Business Fundamentals I with 15 credits at the Elementary level and Accounting 1 with

BMGT381 Week 2 Learning Outcomes

(Due 9/28) For more course tutorials visit Your Final Paper is worth 100 points. You are required to write an original paper that demonstrates your understanding of the concepts presented in the Learning Outcomes for Business Law II. The following is a brief overview of what you will be expected to achieve during this paper: * Review and summarize the theories presented in Chapter 1 of your textbook. * Describe how legal institutions operate at a macro level and how they are used

BMGT381 Week 2 Assessment & Grading

Faculty: Kiran Nagendra 1 0. Iii Finally, the instructor recommends that students take a practice exam to become familiar with the format and requirements of the exam. Module 8 – Practical Assessment What is assessment? What are the three main types of assessments used in business? What are your thoughts on most effective type of assessment? Give examples of why you think assessment is important. Students have to complete each individual assignment in this course for a total of 15% off their final grade

BMGT381 Week 2 Suggested Resources/Books

(2) BMGT381 Week 1 DQ 1: The Role of the Legal Environment (3) BMGT381 Week 1 DQ 2: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility (2) BMGT381 Week 2 DQ 1: The Organization Structure (3) BMGT381 Week 2 DQ 2: Ethical Decision Making and Communication (4)

Read Case File, and Research on Team Communication, Team Leadership, and Developing Employee Relations. Then respond to

BMGT381 Week 2 Assignment (20 Questions)

for University of Phoenix. $75.00

BMGT381 Week 2 Assignment Question (20 Questions)

For more classes visit BUSINESS LAW II Instructor: D. Wiese 30 Points Date of Submission Due: 2/23/2016 at 11:59PM (ET) Chapter 1, Questions and Answers 1. Many companies are now working with government departments to create a “co-creation” environment that allows consumers to participate in developing products, processes, and other areas (e.g., business plans). This process is called which of the following? A

BMGT381 Week 2 Discussion 1 (20 Questions)

Check this A+ tutorial guideline at This tutorial was purchased 3 times & rated A+ by student like you. BMGT381 Week 2 Discussion 1 (20 Questions) for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381) (Read the Forum Guidelines on the link below before posting your thread or comments.) Forums >Business Management Discussion Forum >BMGT

BMGT381 Week 2 DQ 1 (20 Questions)

For more course tutorials visitwww.uophelp.comhttp://www.bmgt381week2dotcom/bmgt381-week-2-dq-1.htmlWeek 2 DQ 1 (20 Questions) for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381)Read the following case study and respond to the questions below:Walt Disney Company is a global entertainment company that owns movie studios, theme parks, hotels, resorts, merchandise stores, and many other businesses

BMGT381 Week 2 Discussion 2 (20 Questions)

for University of Phoenix

Please respond to the following questions:

1. Define the terms “business entity” and “tax-exempt organization.” What are some tax and legal requirements that an organization must meet in order to qualify as a business entity?

2. Define the terms “indirect ownership” and “direct ownership.” What is a close corporation? How is it different from an indirect owner? How are they similar?

3. What are some of the advantages of a limited liability company (LLC

BMGT381 Week 2 DQ 2 (20 Questions)

for Business Law II – Exam 1 (1000 Words) for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381) for Business Law II – Exam 2 (2000 Words) for BMGT381 Business Law II – Final (2000 Words)

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you understand the concept of a business plan.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a formal written document that defines the nature of the organization, the industry in which

BMGT381 Week 2 Quiz (20 Questions)

$ 20.00

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Available to backorder


2019 MGMT 381 Week 2 Quiz (20 Questions) for BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits)

BMGT381 Week 2 Quiz (20 Questions) for Business Law II: Class Notes, Cases and Textbook answers for Business Law II (3 Credits) Complete the following questions for business law II: Which of the following statements

BMGT381 Week 2 MCQ’s (20 Multiple Choice Questions)

-. The demand for the goods that are manufactured in a business is created by the following processes: A. Utilization of your time management skills is very important as well. The supply curve represents the quantity of the good that would be supplied at a given price if there were no other sellers. In an effort to provide you with better services, the site uses cookies. 3 Which of the following best describes how a high income consumer might respond to higher interest rates? (1) Demand for consumers with

BMGT381 Week 3 Description

For more course tutorials visit

BMGT 305 Entire Course

BMGT 305 Week 1 Learning Team Assignment Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Readings

BMGT 305 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Readings

BMGT 305 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Policy & Procedure Readings (2 Papers)

BMGT 305 Week 4 Individual Assignment Improving Customer Service Readings

BMGT 305 Week 5 Individual Assignment Improving Customer Service Readings

BMGT381 Week 3 Outline

1. The duties and obligations of directors are explained. 2. An agreement between a director and the corporation is reviewed. 3. An employee who commits an unfair labor practice is discussed. (more…)

BMGT381 Week 2 Assignment: Preventive Action Plan Part I

BMGT381 Week 2 Assignment: Preventive Action Plan Part I (BMGT381) 1. A preventative action plan is developed to reduce workers’ compensation costs in the small business. 2.

BMGT381 Week 3 Objectives

Discuss the legal regulations, policies, and procedures that may affect corporate social responsibility. The major areas of … BUSN491 Week 3 Individual Assignment Business Law & Ethics in the Global … $2.99 More info

BUSN482 Week 3 Individual Assignment Business Ethics Case Study (2) $2.99 More info

BUSN481 Week 4 Team Assignment Business Ethics Paper (4) $3.99 More info

BUSN481 Week 5 Team Assignment Business Ethics Paper (4

BMGT381 Week 3 Pre-requisites

2/20/2015 3:57 PM

Course Information Course: BMGT381 Business Law II (3 Credits) (BMGT381) Credit Hours: 3 Semester: Spring Degree Program: Business Administration and Management Institution: University of Phoenix – Online Course Type: Group Course Course Offering(s): Business Law 1, 2, and 3 Interactive Learning Mode or Other Facilitation Method(s): None. Prerequisite(s): None.

Course Description

Upon successful completion of this

BMGT381 Week 3 Duration



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