cognitive behavioral theory versus rational emotive behavior theory

Assignment 1: Cognitive Behavioral Theory Versus Rational Emotive Behavioral TheoryWhile cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) have many similarities, they are distinctly different therapeutic approaches. When assessing clients and selecting one of these therapies, you must recognize the importance of not only selecting the one that is best for the client, but also the approach that most aligns to your own skill set. For this Assignment, as you examine the similarities and differences between CBT and REBT, consider which therapeutic approach you might use with your clients.Learning ObjectivesStudents will:· Compare cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavioral therapy· Recommend cognitive behavioral therapies for clientsTo prepare:· Review the media in this week’s Learning Resources.· Reflect on the various forms of cognitive behavioral therapy.The AssignmentIn a 1- to 2-page paper, address the following:· Briefly describe how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) are similar.· Explain at least three differences between CBT and REBT. Include how these differences might impact your practice as a mental health counselor.· Explain which version of cognitive behavioral therapy you might use with clients and why. Support your approach with evidence-based literature.Note: The School of Nursing requires that all papers submitted include a title page, introduction, summary, and references.Resources for reference( 3 + references)Required ReadingsWheeler, K. (Ed.). (2014). Psychotherapy for the advanced practice psychiatric nurse: A how-to guide for evidence-based practice (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.Chapter 8, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” (pp.      313–346)American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.Required Media ( can be googled)Sommers-Flanagan, J., & Sommers-Flanagan, R. (2013). Counseling and psychotherapy theories in context and practice [Video file]. Mill Valley, CA:, A. (1994). Aaron Beck on cognitive therapy [Video file]. Mill Valley, CA:, H. (n.d.). Hans Eysenck on behavior therapy [Video file]. Mill Valley, CA: ResourcesEllis, A. (2012). Albert Ellis on REBT [Video file]. Mill Valley, CA:


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