MN581: Analysis of Current Evidence Based Practice Guidelines for Otitis Media

No plagiarism will be checked with turnitin.APA style formatting, font 12, double spaced with headers.Will need Title page, content 3 full double spaced  pages in length, plus a minimum of 3 peered reviewed references in the Reference page.  (Total of 5 pages).Assignment: Analysis of Current Evidence Based Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Otitis MediaThis Assignment requires a current, evidence based practice guideline that is specific to the child in the following scenario. Once you find the appropriate guideline, you will be ready for analysis and evaluation.First, carefully review the case. Then, using the Internet, find a current (no older than 4 years old 2014-2018) relevant evidence based practice guideline for the treatment of otitis media for this particular pediatric patient.There should be a minimum of three current (within the last 5 years) peer-reviewed references including the authors of the guideline.Make sure to address the following in your paper:Use below headings while answering questionsBriefly explain your search strategy. For example, how did you find the correct guideline?Who developed the guideline?Is this a revision of a previous guideline or an original? What is the date of publication?Explain the concept of “systematic review of current best evidence.”How was conflict of interest managed in the development of these guidelines?How is quality of evidence defined?Explain differences among strong recommendation, recommendation, and optionWhat are “key Action statements?”For this particular child, what are the specific treatment recommendations including any diagnostics, medications (include exact dosage, frequency, length of treatment), follow-up, referral, prevention, and pain control.Case:A 5-year-old male is brought to the primary care clinic by his mother with a chief complaint of bilateral ear pain for the last three days. The mother states that the child has been crying frequently due to the pain. Ibuprofen has provided minimal relief. This morning, the child refused breakfast and appeared to be “getting worse.”Vital signs at the clinic reveal HR 110 bpm, 28 respiratory rate, and tympanic temperature of 103.2 degrees F. The mother reports no known allergies. The child has not been on antibiotics for the last year. The child does not have history of OM. The child is otherwise healthy without any other known health problems.After your questioning and examination, you diagnose this child with bilateral Acute Otitis Media.


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