Topic: physical activity in reducing cardiovascular risks in elderlyLiterature Review Rough DraftThe literature review is one of the most important components, and often the most time consuming part, of a good research proposal. Without the solid foundation of a good literature review, it is difficult to make a strong research proposal. develop a rough draft of your literature review. You will continue to develop the literature review next week based on feedback provided by your instructor. Then in week 7, you will submit a well-polished literature review as part of your final research proposal.The following requirements should be met in your literature review:Include a minimum of six scholarly sourcesOrganize in logical sectionsInclude an overview of the literatureBe unbiased in your presentation of informationInclude sources and content relevant to your research questions and hypothesis; state the relevance in your literature reviewInclude a critical assessment of the sources. Do not simply include a summary of what you have readA strong introduction and conclusion, including further questions for researchProper APA formatting, citations, and referencesKeep in mind that this is a rough draft, so the literature review does not need to be perfect. However, you should still submit a literature review with proper APA formatting, correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar that meets all of the specifications of the assignment listed above.


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