write:Accordingly the SafetyBoard urges the FAA to take expeditious action to require such unusual attitude training as recommended in Safety Recommendation A-96-120. Pending the comple

and issuing the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid. Thereis widespread agreement among operations and training managers that unusual attitudetraining helps prepare flight crews for such unusual situations. However
without aregulatory requirement and published guidance from the FAA
the design and adoption ofsuch programs has been voluntary
and approval of the POI assigned to the individualoperators has been without the benefit of broader guidance from training experts withinthe FAA.As discussed in section
the Safety Board’s investigation found deficienciesin the American Airlines AAMP
including the following:•ground school training that encouraged the use of rudder for roll control;•a simulator exercise in which pilots were encouraged to employ large rudderinputs without being fully trained in the operating properties of the specificrudder control system or fully understanding the structural loads that might beimposed on the airframe by certain inputs;•a simulator exercise that provided unrealistic portrayals of an airplane responseto wake turbulence and significantly suppressed control input effectiveness toinduce a large rolling potential that was unlikely to occur with an airplane aslarge as an A300-600; and •a simulator exercise that encouraged the use of rudder in a highly dynamicsituation without portraying the large buildup in sideslip angle and sideloadthat would accompany such rudder inputs in an actual airplane.The Safety Board’s review of other carriers’ upset recovery programs indicatedthat the shortcomings in the AAMP are not unique and that inconsistencies exist amongprograms
especially regarding simulator use. The Safety Board concludes that FAAstandards for unusual attitude training programs that take into account industry bestpractices and are designed to avoid inaccurate or negative training would lead toimprovement and standardization of industry training programs. Accordingly
the SafetyBoard urges the FAA to take expeditious action to require such unusual attitude training
as recommended in Safety Recommendation A-96-120.Pending the completion of such regulatory action by the FAA
the Safety Boardreclassifies Safety Recommendation A-96-120 “Open—Unacceptable Response.”Further
the Safety Board believes that the FAA should adopt and disseminate writtenguidance for use in developing and accepting upset recovery programs; such guidancecould take the form of an AC and should reflect the industry’s best practices and bedesigned to avoid inaccurate or negative training.Regarding simulator training
the Safety Board recognizes that some members ofthe training community advocate the introduction of upset situations in simulators byhaving pilots close their eyes or look away as the upset is established
rather than byattempting a simulated context for the onset. The Board also recognizes that some


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