write:ÒCisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology 2015Ð2020 Ó 2016. Edwards J. ÒThe Connected Life. Ó Teradata Magazine Q1 2014. Eggers W. D. Ò8 Ways Digital is T

and the Internet of ThingsReferencesCisco. ÒSony Adopts Cisco Solution for Global IPv6 Project.Ó Cisco Public Information
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Unilever and Gatorade Among the First to Run Snapchat API Campaigns.Ó TheDrum
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2016.Case 4.3 Video Case: Small Island Telecom Company Goes GlobalGo online to research the Isle of Man
a small island in the Irish Sea off the coast of Great Britain. Visit the Cisco website. Search for the video ÒIsland Telecom Competes on a Global Level.Ó Watch the video to learn how this small telecom company was able to evolve from a traditional local service provider to a global cloud services innovator thanks to CiscoÕs networking technology (video runs 2:09 minutes).Questions1. Describe the benefits that Island Telecom achieved through using CiscoÕs networking product.2. What factors allowed Island Telecom to make the transition from local to global?


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