write:Coordinates professional community services when required. Communications/Recorder Confirms that 911 has been called. Documents events as they occur including decisions and actio

organizes and provides crisis intervention and prevention counseling. Coordinates post-event counseling program to help students
and the community to recover from an incident. Coordinates professional community services
when required. Communications/Recorder Confirms that 911 has been called. Documents events as they occur
including decisions and actions taken with time annotations. Makes notifications
orders resources and provides informational updates as directed by the Incident Commander. Assists Incident Commander with monitoring communication devices. Information/Media Establishes the media staging area. Ensures media doesn’t gain access to student or faculty during the incident. Controls rumors by providing school staff with information about the incident. Assists [school division] public information office as directed. Transportation/Go-Kit Liaison Transportation/Go-Kit Liaison: Organizes
manages and coordinates off-site evacuation transportation services
as well as early or late releases with the [school division] transportation representative. He or she is responsible for maintaining
updating and removing the Go-Kit from the building and ensures that the medical Go-Kit is removed from the school during an emergency. Coordinates with Off-site Evacuation Organizer and Incident Commander. Student Accounting Ensures that all teachers have an accurate accounting of students. Coordinates efforts in accounting for missing and extra students. Coordinates with Incident Commander and Parent Reunion Organizer as necessary. School Site Security Assesses crisis and evaluates student and staff safety. Initiates protective security measures to separate students and staff from threat
if necessary. Assists student and staff and maintains safety
order and discipline. Prohibits media representative(s) contact with students. Coordinates with CMT members
as needed. Teachers and staff not assigned to a class when an emergency occurs Report to the Staff Assignments Leader if not previously assigned an emergency role. These staff members will prepare backpack letters and/or place or receive large volumes of calls to or from parents
community partners
about an incident. They will also augment the School CMT when communicating messages to faculty
staff and students throughout the school when timeliness is of the essence and electronic means are inoperable. Teachers with students in class Provide supervision of students in their care and remain with students during emergencies until directed otherwise. Ensure safety of students; direct students according to response procedures; render first aid when needed; manage student communication via cell phones per school policy; report missing/injured or extra students to the Student Accounting Leader.


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