write:He flew a trip that started on the morning of November 9 and endedon the night of November 10. The captain had a day off on November 11. According tohis wife the captain’s activ

and C-141 airplanes while on duty andreceived an honorable discharge in 1992. He had accumulated 1
922 hours total flyingtime in military and general aviation before his employment with American Airlines. American Airlines records also indicated that the captain had accumulated8
050hours total flying time
25 including 3
448 hours as pilot-in-command and1
723hours as an A300 pilot-in-command. He had flown approximately 146 and 52 hoursin the 90 and 30 days
before the accident. The captain’s last recurrenttraining occurred from June 18 to 22
2001; his last recurrent proficiency check was onJune 21
2001; and his last pilot-in-command line check occurred on July 31
2001. FAArecords indicated no accident or incident history or enforcement action
and a search of theNational Driver Register database indicated no record of driver’s license suspension orrevocation.According to American Airlines records
the captain had a scheduled day off onNovember 8
2001. He flew a trip that started on the morning of November 9 and endedon the night of November 10. The captain had a day off on November 11. According tohis wife
the captain’s activities on November 11 included going to church in the morningand watching television and attending a Cub Scouts committee meeting in the afternoon.He went to sleep about 2200. On November 12
the captain awoke about 0416 and left hisresidence about 0500 to check in for the flight.The captain’s wife said that he was in good health and that he exercised regularly.She indicated that he consumed alcohol occasionally but abstained from alcohol withinthe required period before reporting for duty. The captain’s wife also stated that he did notsmoke
use tobacco products
or suffer from any sleep disorders. In addition
she indicatedthat no changes had occurred in the captain’s eating or sleeping habits
off-duty activities
or financial situation in the year before the accident.American Airlines records indicated that the captain and the first officer had flowntogether on 36 flight segments before the accident. The captain’s wife stated that he andthe first officer “got along well.” Pilot Interviews Regarding the CaptainThe first officer who flew with the captain on November 9 and 10
describedthe captain’s management style as “ideal.” The first officer stated that the captain wouldlet him fly the airplane but would not hesitate to make suggestions or offer an opinion.Another first officer who flew recently with the captain stated that he was “confident
25 This figure includes time as a captain and a first officer. The captain received a flight engineercertificate in August 1985
but American Airlines’ records did not reflect the captain’s flight times as a flightengineer.


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