write:List some location-based services and explain their value to both businesses and mobile device users. Explore: Online and Interactive Exercises1. Assume that you are interested in

and traveling in foreign countries?23. How is mobile computing creating an attractive opportunity for advertisers? Will consumers be receptive to this type of communica-tion? Why or why not?24. List some location-based services and explain their value to both businesses and mobile device users.Explore: Online and Interactive Exercises1. Assume that you are interested in buying a car. You can find information about financing and insurance for cars at autos.msn.com or autobytel.com. Decide what car you want to buy. Configure your car by going to the car manufacturerÕs website. Finally
try to find the car at autobytel.com. What information is most supportive of your decision-making process? Was the experience pleasant or frustrating?2. Visit amazon.com and identify at least three specific elements of its personalization and customization features. Browse specific books on one particular subject
leave the site
and then go back and revisit the site. What do you observe? Are these features likely to encourage you to purchase more books in the future from Amazon.com? How does the ÒOne-ClickÓ feature encourage sales from mobile devices?3. Read GoogleÕs new privacy policy. What types of information does Google collect about people who use its services? How can people either restrict or avoid having Google collect information about them? How does Google say it uses the information it collects about people who utilize its services?4. Conduct a study on selling diamonds and gems online. Each group member investigates one company such as Blue Nile
Thai Gem Store
or The Jewelry Exchange.a. What features are used in these sites to educate buyers about gemstones?b. How do the sites attract buyers?c. How do the sites increase trust in online purchasing?d. What customer service features are provided?e. Would you buy a $5
000 diamond ring online? Why or why not?5. If you have a smartphone
download the shopping app Shopkick.com. Use the app for a few weeks and then prepare a report or presen-tation about your experience. Describe how Shopkick uses behavioral reinforcement to encourage specific kinds of shopping behaviors (e.g.
store visits
looking for promotional products
participating in market-ing surveys
etc.). Explain whether or not you think you will continue using this application.Analyze & Decide: Apply IT Concepts to Business Decisions1. What is the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA)? What is its role? What is the Automated Clearing House (ACH)? Who are the key participants in an ACH e-payment? Describe the ÒpilotÓ projects currently under way at ACH.2. Use an Internet search engine such as Google or Bing to identify a list of online banks. Form teams and have each team research one of the banks. Each team should attempt to convince the class that its e-bank activities are the best.3. As an independent IT contract worker
you must often arrange travel to and from your clientsÕ places of business. You do not typically have time to always explore every travel website when planning travel
so you wish to identify the one that over time will work the best for you. Working in a small group of three to four people
use the Internet to explore the following travel sites: orbitz.com
and expedia.com (search Òonline travel sitesÓ for additional options). Select a handful of travel destinations and see how helpful each site is in terms of:a. Finding the lowest airfare.b. Identifying hotels for business travel.c. Recommendations for dining and other location-based services.d. Evaluate the site for its ability to aid in international travel ar-rangements.e. Availability and usefulness of travel tips
and other helpful information.f. Prepare a report comparing how each site performed in terms of its ease of use
and best overall deal. Which site would you recommend? 4. Using Youtube.com or any other video-sharing site
watch exam-ples of AR mobile apps and promotional campaigns. Write a brief re-port describing your reaction to this new technology and predict if it will become more commonplace in the future.


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