write:Lots of data are available to retailers to make good decisionsÑ loyalty programs Web analytics and POS data. However there is a big gap between having data and being able to le

and discover data in business is being actively disrupted by tablets
which had been designed for consumers. Users have higher expectations for data displays and capabilities. Bor-ing
static graphs and pie charts are unacceptable. Discuss how per-formance managementÑthe monitoring of KPIs
for exampleÑmay be improved by providing managers with data visualizations. Now con-sider the opposite. In your opinion
would lack of data visualization hurt the ability to manage performance?2. Lots of data are available to retailers to make good decisionsÑ loyalty programs
Web analytics
and POS data. However
there is a big gap between having data and being able to leverage them for real-time decision-making. How can enterprise mashups close this gap? 3. Visit SAS.com and search for Visual Data Discovery.a. Review the screenshots
and benefits.b. In your opinion
what are the two most important benefits of this data discovery tool? c. Would you recommend this tool? Explain your answer.4. Explain how executive dashboards can lead to better business in-sights. What are the limitations of dashboards?Explore: Online and Interactive Exercises1. Periscopic is a socially conscious data visualization firm that specializes in using IT to help companies and organizations facilitate information transparency and public awareness. From endangered species
to politics
to social justice
it is the goal of Periscopic to engage the public and deliver a message of responsibility and action. Its philosophy and tagline are Òdo good with data.Óa. Visit http://periscopic.com and explore its recent work. b. Discuss how data are used to do good. c. How effective is PeriscopicÕs approach to public awareness and social justice?2. Visit TIBCO Spotfire and click ÒDemosÓ and ÒDemo Gallery.Óa. Select and watch one of the demos.b. Describe the data visualizations features in the demo.c. Explain the benefits of the application or analytics.3. Visit the Analysis Factorya. Click Gallery and then select Custom Solutions.b. View one demo
such as Performance Trends
Fusion Charts
Manufacturing Performance
and Sales Map Dashboard.c. Create a table listing all of the customer solutions for which you tried the demo in the first column. In the second column
list the departments or functions each customer solution supports. In the third column
list the types of visualizations used in each solution.d. In the team report
discuss how dashboards can impact the quality of business decisions. Analyze & Decide: Apply IT Concepts to Business Decisions1. Qlik offers a complimentary e-book entitled ÒTurn your Excel Re-ports into Stunning Dashboards.ÓDownload the e-book. Write a report about what you learned.2. Visit IBMÕs Watson Analytics Event Center any Thursday at 3 pm ET to take a Tour of Watson Analytics. Write a report on what you learned.3. Visit the website of software provider Microstrategya. Click ÒExplore the Product.Ób. Click ÒBrowse Solutions.Óc. Scroll down to choose an industry that interests you. Click on that Industry and ÒLearn More.Ód. Click ÒWatch the Video.Óe. Write a report describing what you learned.


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