write:Monitor user behaviorTrack mobile media usageKnow your dataPhysical theftTheft of laptops tablets peripherals printed material etc. Encrypt your dataTrain your staffReduce use

or transferring data; sabotage; malicious damage to computer resources; destruction from malware and similar attacks; and miscellaneous computer abuses and Internet fraud.Unintentional ThreatsUnintentional threats fall into three major categories: human error
environmental hazards
social unrest and computer system failures.Â¥ Human error can occur in the design of the hardware or information system. It can also occur during programming
or data entry. Neglecting to change default passwords in applications or on systems or failing to manage patches creates security holes. Human TABLE 5.2 Major Sources of CyberthreatsSource/TypeCharacteristicsSolutionIntentional CyberthreatHackingUnauthorized access of networks
systems or applications for economic
or political gain. Use of programs such as backdoor services to promote reentry or further incursion into target environmentTrain your staffChange password frequentlyHave ÒstrongÓ passwordsPhishingSocial engineering
targeting human behavior rather than computer technologyTrain your staffMonitor activityCrimewareUse of malware and ransomwareUse antimalware/AV softwarePatch promptlyMonitor change and watch key indicatorsBack-up system regularlyCapture data on attacksPractice principle of least privilegeDistributed denial-of-serviceUse of compromised systems to overwhelm a system with malicious trafficSegregate key serversChoose your providers carefullyTest your anti-DDoS serviceInsider and privi-lege misuseEmployees
and other external entities with specific insider roles abusing access granted to systems for legitimate business purposes.Monitor user behaviorTrack mobile media usageKnow your dataPhysical theftTheft of laptops
printed material
etc.Encrypt your dataTrain your staffReduce use of paperUnintentional CyberthreatPhysical lossTheft of laptops
and peripheral devicesEncrypt your dataTrain your staffMiscellaneous errorsAny unintentional action that compromises security
except theft
and loss of assetsLearn from your mistakesStrengthen controlsEnsure all assets go through a rigorous check by IT before they are decommis-sioned or disposed ofSource: Verizon (2016).


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