write:Retaining high-performance people requires moni-toring how people feel about the workplace their compensation value to the company and chances for advancementÑand maintaining w

and Ethics 293 9.5 Human Resource Systems
and EthicsCompanies cannot simply hire a great workforce. They have to find
and train employees to succeed in their workplace. Retaining high-performance people requires moni-toring how people feel about the workplace
their compensation
value to the company
and chances for advancementÑand maintaining workplace health and safety.HR is a field that deals with employment policies
and compliance requirements. Effective HR compliance programs are a necessity for all organi-zations in todayÕs legal environment. HR needs to monitor workplace and employment prac-tices to ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
Occupational Health & Safety Agencies (OSHA)
and the antidiscrimination and sexual harassment laws. Seven other employment laws to protect against discrimination are listed in Table 9.3.HR Information SystemsEffective human resource information systems (HRISs) reduce the workload of the HR depart-ment. PeopleSoft Human Capital Management
which is one of the market-leading HRISs
pro-vides a global foundation for HR data and improved business processes.HRISs have been moved to intranets and cloudsÑwherein HR applications are leased in SaaS arrangements. Using intranets
HR applications have shifted many routine tasks to TABLE 9.3 HR Monitors Compliance with Antidiscrimination Employment LawsTitle VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964Prohibits discrimination on the basis of race
national origin
and sex. It also prohibits sex discrimination on the basis of pregnancy and sexual harassment.Civil Rights Act of 1966Prohibits discrimination based on race or ethnic origin.Equal Pay Act of 1963Prohibits employers from paying different wages to men and women who perform essentially the same work under similar working conditions.Bankruptcy ActProhibits discrimination against anyone who has declared bankruptcy.Americans with Disabilities ActProhibits discrimination against persons with disabilities.Equal Employment Opportunity ActProhibits discrimination against minorities based on poor credit ratings.Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)Prohibits discrimination against individuals who are age 40 or above.Career Insight 9.1 Compliance Is Good BusinessWhile carrying out day-to-day operations or trying to hit targets
managers may lose sight of the big picture. A narrow focus can lead to serious compliance and regulatory violations
which can do permanent damage to the brand and expose managers to criminal charges. Crossing the line is a crime.According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Federal Prosecution of Corporations (1999):Corporations are Òlegal persons
Ó capable of suing and being sued
and capable of committing crimes. Under the doctrine of respondeat superior
a corporation may be held criminally liable for the illegal acts of its employees
and agents.In all cases involving wrongdoing by corporate agents
prose-cutors should consider the corporation
as well as the responsible individuals
as potential criminal targets.Source: justice.gov.


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