write:Â¥ The self-healthcare industry is being radically transformed by the growing use of NFC tech-nology. Wearable devices such as Fit-Bits smart glucose monitors and electrical nerv

and the Internet of Thingspasses their store. Consumers would then see the coupon and pay for the product with the iWatch.Â¥ The self-healthcare industry is being radically transformed by the growing use of NFC tech-nology. Wearable devices such as Fit-Bits
smart glucose monitors
and electrical nerve stimulators are becoming increasingly cheap and popular due to the proliferation of NFC tech. These devices can not only monitor
but they also can provide Òautomated or remote treatmentÓ to users (Patrick
 2016). Remote control with health-care devices allow for smarter preventive care without the need for doctor or hospital visits and can increase the well-being of those living with chronic illnesses.¥ Passengers on public transportation systems can pay fares by waving an NFC smartphone as they board.Another interesting near-field application is described in IT at Work 4.2 when technology was used as an incentive in a marketing campaign by Warner Music.IT at Work 4.2NFC-Embedded Guitar PicksFans attending gigs by The Wild Feathers were given guitar picks embedded with an NFC tag. Warner Music had distributed the guitar picks for fans to enter a competition
share content via social media
and vote at the gig simply by tapping with an NFC phone. NFC-embedded picks were inserted into the bandÕs promotional flyers at six European venues. Each pick was encoded with a unique URL and also printed with a unique code for iPhone users to enable tracking and monitoring.Marketing Campaign Success Shows an Exciting Future for NFCThe tags generated a high response rate. Over 65% of the NFC guitar picks had registered in the competition. And 35% of the fans had shared content on social mediaÑspending an average of five min-utes on the site.NFC is being used in marketing campaigns because the technology offers slick one-tap interaction. NFC allows brands to engage with their customers in unique ways and create exciting user experiences. With millions of NFC-equipped smartphones set to reach users over the next few years and the technologyÕs advan-tages for shoppers and businesses
NFC is emerging as a major technology.IT at Work Questions1. Assume you attended a concert and were given a brochure similar to the one distributed to fans at The Wild Feathers concert. Would you use the guitar pick or comparable NFC-embedded item to participate in a contest? To post on Facebook or tweet about the concert? Explain why or why not.2. How can NFC be applied to create an interesting user experience at a sporting event? At a retail store or coffee shop?3. Refer to your answers in Question 2. What valuable informa-tion could be collected by the NFC tag in these businesses?Bluetooth and Wi-Fi seem similar to near-field communication on the surface. All three allow wireless communication and data exchange between digital devices like smartphones. The difference is that near-field communication utilizes electromagnetic radio fields while technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi focus on radio transmissions instead.Choosing Mobile Network SolutionsWhen you are choosing a mobile network solution
itÕs important to carefully consider the four factors shown in Figure 4.13.1. Simple Easy to deploy
and use.2. Connected Always makes the best connection possible.3. Intelligent Works behind the scenes
easily integrating with other systems.4. Trusted Enables secure and reliable communications.


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