write:Would you like to eat something? ) For Part 1…time. sleep(delay)foodChoice = input(Okay what would you like to eat? )time. sleep(delay)if foodChoice == foodList[0] or foodCho

the program can have pauses (in this case
to simulate thinking)# We can also set a float variable
to set how long each pause will be# – Set delay to 0.0 for testing or speed runs# – Set delay to larger numbers for dramatic effect. (2.0 = 2 seconds)import timedelay = 2.0foodList = [muffin
cake]priceList = [2.5
25.0]calorieList = [510
I’m Cuthbert the Baker Bot!)# Each time we want a pause
the program can use the time.sleep() methodtime.sleep(delay)userName = input(What’s your name? )time.sleep(delay)eatOrNot = input(Hi
+ userName + ! Would you like to eat something? ) For Part 1…time.sleep(delay)foodChoice = input(Okay
what would you like to eat? )time.sleep(delay)if foodChoice == foodList[0] or foodChoice == foodList[1] or foodChoice == foodList[2] or foodChoice == foodList[3]: print(Great news
+ userName + ! We have a + foodChoice + for you!)else:


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