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and Recommendation Technologyappliances
activating household alarm systems
and searching the Internet for music
and other types of information. While IPAs are still in the growth stages of the product life cycle
forecasted demand for the foreseeable future seems strong.The typical IPA system is a voice-activated program that uses commands that approx-imate natural language. For instance
to learn about the weather
you might ask AmazonÕs IPA
whatÕs the weather for this weekend?Ó To get AppleÕs IPA to play a specific music genre
you might say
play some R&B music.Ó In the not too distant future
we can expect voice-activated IPAs will be integrated with mobile devices
and even hotel rooms.Business that have become skilled at using SEO and PPC campaigns to drive traffic to their websites will have to go back to the drawing board to figure out how the rise in voice search will affect some fundamental marketing strategies. Currently
IPAs act like a kind of filter
screening search results and often basing answers on a single source. Just as businesses once faced the challenge of reformatting website content for smaller screens on mobile devices
they must now determine how to serve up information in a format optimized to make it attractive to a variety of IPAs acting as proxies for their owners.Web Search for Business Commercial search engines and Web directories are use-ful tools for knowledge workers in business. To use search engines effectively
workers should familiarize themselves with all the features available on the search engine they use. Since Google is the most popular search engine
we highlight some of those features in the following list. Many of these features are also available on Bing.com.¥ Focused search You can focus your search to information in different formatsÑWeb pages
and the likeÑby selecting the appropriate navigation button on the SERP page.¥ Filetype If you are looking specifically for information contained in a certain file format
you can use the Òfiletype:[file extension]Ó command following your keyword query. For in-stance
the search Òprivate colleges filetype:xlsÓ will produce links to MS Excel files with information related to private colleges. Use this command to find Adobe files (.pdf)
MS Word files (.docx)
MS PowerPoint files (.pptx)
and so on.Â¥ Advanced search To narrow your search
go to the Advanced Search panel. From this page
you can set a wide range of parameters for your search
including limiting the search to certain domains (e.g.
and even reading level. You can also use this to narrow your search to a particular website.Â¥ Search tools button Allows you to narrow your results to listings from specific locations or time frames.Â¥ Search history Have you ever found a page using a search engine
but later had trouble finding it again? If you are logged into your Google account while using the search engine
itÕs possible to review your search history. It will show you not only your search queries but also the pages you visited following each query.These are just a few of the many features you can use to conduct a power search. While you are in college
take the time to become proficient with using different search engine features. Not only will it help with your immediate research needs
it will help you in your career as well. At the end of this chapter
we include information for a free online Power Search course offered by Google. This is a good way to enhance your ability to find the information you need.Finding intellectual property Your business may have an interest in protecting certain kinds of intellectual property being used without permission on the Web. This might include confidential reports
copyrighted blog posts
creative writing (e.g.
and so on. You can use search engines to find where someone may have posted your intellec-tual property on the Web without permission (see Osher
 2014). You can search for text-based work by simply using queries containing strings of text from the material youÕre looking for. Images can be found by using GoogleÕs reverse image search engine. Tin Eye is an alternative reverse image search engine with a number of interesting features.


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